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Axia provides unique and highly professional back office assistance to physicians. We have a repertoire of services from which packages are customised for our physician partners. You can choose from our growth plan, office and practice support plan, group practice and management plan and placement and contract assistance plan. The services are diverse and aimed at providing end-to-end support for busy physicians. We are by your side as you grow !


Availing our services will have multifarious benefits which will be helpful throughout your career in the healthcare sector.


Due to tremendous data present online, people have come up with a larger number of options than before, now visiting a hospital or any healthcare Centre is no longer in trend. Resulting in a great downfall in patients visiting your site. There might be many reasons of switching healthcare center as dissatisfaction, dislocation, some negative experience, change in insurance Even if you are happy with the current ratio that doesn’t mean you won’t go with latest marketing strategies. You can’t guarantee to keep up your patient volume forever. It’s essential to have a well-planned healthcare marketing strategy to reach new and exciting patience back to the field. It’s well said by medical itself “prevention is better than cure” so it’s better to have a backup strategic plan than to wait until you run out of patients. You might have hire plans for larger budget but in the need its worth, for the sake of peace of mind and to see your OPD’s increasing. After all, a healthcare marketing strategy for its progress is an investment which would help in growth for the next 2 to 5 years. Axia healthcare services help the physicians to guide the best strategies and come up with great results.


As a healthcare center or hospital, we need to handle a vast amount of data, this pool of data doesn’t only include only patient’s data like the length of stay (LOS), ECG, reports, prescriptions but also financial, operational and administrative details are also essential to be updated. Data measurement and analysis plays a vital role in effective decision making.

For managing the abundance of data Healthcare dashboard has come into the picture. Using older means of data collection becomes a challenging task as the data collected are analyzed by different departments which creates a troubling atmosphere for Centre’s. Now a day’s people want a clear insight and deeper understanding of data obtained. AHS helps to create the best version of healthcare dashboard which creates a more informed picture of an organization with full transparency. In simple words, a Medical dashboard is a tool provided by Axia healthcare to its register healthcare centers for healthcare analytics. The main objective of this tool is to keep a check on poor quality or inconsistent data, eliminate inefficiencies and to improve the finical status using these reports and statistics recorded.


imagine a life where emergencies arrive with a prior warning. But unfortunately they crisis when least expected. And if we are waiting to start the planning when the crisis hits, it will be really risky. This why crisis communication plans are necessary for every company in advance. Many a time Due to the negligence of the staff or physicians, the healthcare center needs to face lots of problems. Therefore, to help them Axia health services help to build a CCP which includes the following benefits:

  • Stand against Medico-legal aspects which include claims, disciplinary, criminal complaints filed against them.
  • Professional indemnity covers: Axia provides the best insurance which covers most vigorous and robust coverages through an expansive network in the market.
  • Resolving Issues before going to court: Axia ensures that the complaint reregistered does not reach to court and can be sorted outside with other professional means.
  • Medico negligence training
  • Avoid adverse publicity


With the advancement in the medical era, we need to provide patients all the updated and specialized facilities, for good feedback. Axia healthcare has come up with the term IPU, It’s a multi-disciplinary team trained to provide the best facilities. This team is designed in a way that it varies in Primary cases at a greater scale. The agenda to provide IPU is too well segment the patients into pods to deliver individuals care so that the patient could get it to vary over time. AXIA even provide a set of the complex care management team, having specialized in the varying departments. AHS not only provide clinical team but also non-clinical personnel are trained to provide a complete package of outpatient and inpatient care for a particular medical condition. The I team is well trained to deliver coordinated, integrated and high-quality care. With the regular meet up with the pods the patient gets familiars with staff which helps to tailor better outreach of a clinic. AHS teams provide a full team that includes

  • Medical receptionist
  • Medical assistant
  • Registered- trained nurses
  • Physicians
  • Physician assistant
  • Axia also overs services for low-income,immigrant families, including a pharmacist, nutritionist, social worker and complex care team.


One of the most useful service provided by the Axia Healthcare is assisting in Contract Negotiations and Recruitment. We lay extra focus while recruitment of a physician at a good place and more than that we make sure that the contract entered by a physician is properly negotiated. What happens the most is that the Physicians eagerly get agree to sign the binding letter of intent or agree to terms of a contract without making any negotiations. In some cases, they were not even aware of the terms which could have been negotiated and suffers after they have been employed. The Axia Healthcare assists the Physicians in contract negotiations and make sure that the negotiation is done correctly. 


In today’s world costumers expect the brand to anticipate and meet their need on time. Axia helps to thinner the membrane between the mark and costumers by asking about their experiences, answering to their problems, building a connection with the firm. When executed, well a strong customer strategy will foster brand growth and loyalty.


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