In today’s Healthcare environment where frugality is the Mantra for all of Corporate Healthcare, it has become imperative for Physicians to manage their practice professionally (by themselves). Reliance on hospitals to support and enhance their practices is no more viable. This essentially means that Physicians need well-trained and skilled manpower that can manage their practices.

One of the most critical support manpower for them is their Coordinator.

Physician Coordinator- To be an enabler for Physician and help them navigate the changing and more demanding healthcare environment require them to have managerial skill sets:

  • Understanding career goals and values of the physician and translating them into accountability.
  • Aligning the Daily schedule of the doctor to ensure his time at work is optimally utilized, stay up to date on all practices enhancement initiatives.
  • In-depth knowledge of the Speciality, understanding of standard clinical procedures, laws, and regulations; Medicolegal implications hence the importance of communication both spoken and written
  • Interpersonal skills, Critical thinking, Problem-solving, Team building, and the ability to exercise empathy when working with patients and their families, Strong organizational and time management skills.
  • Interdepartmental coordination within hospitals, having a good working relationship with the ER, Front Office, and the other departments, and conflict management, creating efficient systems and workflows within the facility, This also helps with improving the quality of patient care provided by the facility leading to a satisfied patient.
  • Patient handling – Seamless facilitation from admission to discharge, follow-up with patients for post-discharge consultation, reminders, feedback, and testimonials.
  • Data collection, retrieval management, and review.
  • Being up to date with the Sales and marketing initiatives, interpretation of the sales and marketing data, and plugging gaps to ensure maximal advantage for the physician.

It’s evident from above that Coordinators have the ability to free up their doctor’s time to be better utilized and thereby enable them to have a more productive professional and personal life. Choosing a person with the right attitude (for this role) is imperative and then to ensure that he/ she has the necessary skills to enhance a doctor’s practice (reputation, patient experience). We at Axia provide a specialized course over 2 days that equips physician coordinators with necessary skills that immediately impact Physician practice positively.

Anything which gets observed improves; this is the Hawthorne effect. One measure that can help understand the contribution of a physician assistant is the Revenue per hour of a physician. The measure of Success; Revenue billed per hour also will ensure that non-productive and non-clinical work is taken over by the physician coordinator This when reviewed before and after training will reflect the value of a skilled and trained physician coordinator.

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