Employee wellness programs, also frequently referred to as worksite wellness programs or employee well-being programs, have no official definition. It commonly refers to a collection of initiatives within an organization to promote health and wellness amongst employees, and in some cases, their dependents like spouses and children.  There are multiple initiatives that, if implemented, would qualify as an employee wellness program.  These initiatives address different areas, or dimensions of well-being.

Health Assist @Axia is essentially for organisations who are keen to have healthy workforce. It is a tech enabled program that enables timely access to healthcare providers thereby ensuring early diagnosis, symptom management and consequently better clinical outcomes. The direct impact of this service is reduced hospitalisations, better outcomes, reduced cost of care. Not just this for organisations they avoid loss of man days and thereby enhance productivity which need of the hour. Health Assist provides services like scheduling appointments with clinical experts, vaccinations, Admission to appropriate level of care, Second opinions all at the touch of a button in the comfort of home/ office. Its worth noting that as per research 80% of hospital visits can be managed remotely and do not require patients to travel to hospitals. This research has been the foundation for us on which Health assist has been built.

Axia during the first and second wave of COVID Pandemic provided valuable service with stated mission of “Saving Lives”. It’s known to everyone that during these times it was difficult for patients to go to the hospital, clinic or just meet any doctor. Axia arranged for teleconsultations for employees of client organisations followed up on prescriptions and compliance. Clinical data was monitored 4 hourly to pick up clinical deterioration and arrange transfer to a hospital (appropriate level of care).  Critical care Doctors were available round the clock to guide patients/ their care givers on necessary steps to be taken. Understanding that need for oxygen beds and critical care beds was a major bottleneck Axia set up 11 bedded Covid ICU to provide seamless service to its clients.       

In keeping with Axia’s mission of adding value patient’s clinical status was conveyed regularly to the family.

Not just above Axia anticipated the need for timely vaccinations of clients’ employees and same was organised in a seamless and efficient manner. Facilitation was “Hassle free, smooth and quick”.

Health Assist @Axia is a tech enabled bridge between identified medical needs and servicing these needs. It has been developed for organisations who invest in their employees’ wellness making healthcare accessible, seamless, comfortable and convenient.

Measurable outcomes which are demonstrated to our clients (organisations) are reduced loss of man days, reduced hospitalisations, better clinical outcomes, reduced premiums towards health insurance.

Other COVID work by Axia: Axia was appointed Consultant to Delhi Govt and was responsible for planning, designing, and operationalising 10,000 bed COVID centre (SPCC, Chhatarpur) and 100 Bed COVID ICU. Axia also designed and planned Covid Care Centre at Agra; purchases of medical equipment in both the projects were facilitated by Axia.

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