It was winter of 2006, when I was overwhelmed after watching a movie called “The Pursuit of Happiness”. The movie immediately made me google the meaning of the word “Pursuit” which I had often heard earlier but always considered it as one of the many English words which are hardly used in our regular language. This movie  made me realise that we all are in a pursuit of finding joy and purpose in our lives. We need to shift from confusion to clarity and then with clear intent align our efforts to make our pursuit worthy. It was past midnight in Delhi’s winter and I just could not sleep; I kept mulling over this realisation and distinctly remember the pulsation of blood flowing coursing through my veins. I went to my terrace, looked at the sky and repeated the dialogue from the movie “The world is your oyster. It’s up to you to find the pearls”

With this knowledge by the time I did my MBA, I was pretty clear about what my pursuit to Happiness will be:  As an HR Professional adding value to lives. I listed  following were the things I wanted to achieve:-

  1. Add Value to the organization I work for
  2. Maintain a healthy and friendly work environment for all
  3. Overall Corporate wellness
  4. Running Employee Wellness programs & solutions
  5. Treating all colleagues and Co-workers with Empathy & Respect
  6. Bridge the gap between Management & Employees with effective communication and processes

My exposure to government projects came in 2013, which required me to travel to different states and recruit nurses in rural areas of different states. This project made me  work for the section of society where change is needed the most. I was fortunate to bring my Corporate Values and work ethics to these places and could first hand actually experience the impact on people at the lowest levels. I could demonstrate transformation in Government school students because of the values and education which was being imparted to them through us.

This was definitely a step towards my “Pursuit of Happiness” and I enjoyed every bit of it. Those long Recruitment drives, those overnight road travels to reach next recruitment destination and seeing those happy faces of small kids and the healthcare trainers we hired for them. It always kept me moving from one place to another for over 10 years.

At Axia Health Services, my current place of work I can feel similar passion for giving something back to the society and imparting values to the people we work with. Axia adds value to the health industry and community by serving healthcare delivery systems and professionals. During difficult Covid times Axia was working 24 x 7 to fulfil the requirements of clients:-

  1. 24 by 7 on line consultation with critical care experts
  2. 4 hourly on line patient monitoring
  3. Home care facilitation
  4. Transfer to appropriate level of care
  5. Hospital Admission assistance for clients
  6. Setting up new covid care centres with Delhi Govt and Private entities
  7. Procuring medical supplies for organisations
  8. Physician and nursing recruitment for Hospitals and COVID care centers
  9. Facilitating Vaccinations for Corporate employees

and the list goes on ….

 During the course, I was given one of India’s biggest corporate house as a client whose requirement was to have Doctors and Paramedical staff at every office  of theirs Pan India. Intention was to ensure accessibility to optimal healthcare of all employees and their families. From the day terms were discussed with the client; I was on the job responsible for coming up with a plan for recruiting appropriately trained and skilled medical professionals for their pan India offices.

From Searching the resume to getting professionals to  join  various locations as well as their day to day operations was a challenge which I accepted  with open arms. Bringing people from different states, culture, and work ethics and aligning them to Organisations values was a very gratifying experience; and also the most challenging!

In short Purpose, Intent and Alignment form the work culture of an Organisation and Axia helps clarify and achieve above by recruiting right professionals for the right job.

I will sign off by saying “I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become” and Axia enables you on this journey