Hands Hold Course

A Nurse Career Development Program by Axia Healthcare Services.

A Program to assist you to secure a job in Corporate Hospital.

Course Duration- 10 Days, 6 hours per day.

100 % Placement Guaranteed!

You don’t need any prior experience to join this program

Introduction to the course

Hands Hold Course is specially designed for nurses who are interested in working in a corporate health sector.

We, at Axia conduct continuous training and programs to educate the nurses and bridge the gaps in academic knowledge and required health care service skills. We’re determined to do our best to help you meet the expectations of the corporate world and to provide you with a proper skill set and your dream job.

Hands Hold Course is a Nurse Career Development Program offered by Axia-health services. The course is a worthy investment for every aspiring nurse. This program boosts the career prospects of nurses by enriching and enhancing vital skills. The multiple development programs offered under a single umbrella advance your academic knowledge and practical skills.

Course Includes,

Language skill,

Mock Interview,

Hands-on Practice,

Simulation at a high fidelity lab,

Course Benefits,

Focused on facilitating faster hiring,

Make you a preferred candidate during induction.

Our course is designed to help you adapt quickly to corporate healthcare situations.

After the course, you will be able to-

  1. Implement need-based nursing care as per the corporate norms.
  2. Take initiatives in his/her duties and charge of patient’s health.
  3. Develop confidence in Client Advocacy & handling of ethical & legal issues.
  4. Enhance his/her role in the health care team.
  5. Maximize client’s satisfaction in health care services.

Course Design-

Duration of the Programme
10 days (6 hours/ day)
Duty Hours
The candidate will be required to work in all 3 shifts during her training
No. of candidates
Weekly off of 1 day
The attendance is of prime importance. 95% attendance will be required.
Make up period:
The duration of the programme may be extended till the candidate successfully completes all the components of the programme.

Course aim – The Over-all aim of the course is to offer comprehensive insight impart skills & encompass knowledge of wide spectrum of Nursing practices followed in corporate health care settings.