Learning Development and Recruitement

Through our learning, development and recruitment division we actively look at making talent job worthy. We invest in developing professionals and their appropriate placements thereby ensuring both, long term career growth for individuals and value for the organisations they work for. This service is aimed at hospital nurses, paramedics, front office staff and secretarial staff. We manage the career life cycle of healthcare professionals. Indian nurses and other healthcare professionals despite their sound core technical knowledge face rejection from corporate and international institutions mostly on account of limitations pertaining to linguistic skills and grooming, soft skills, and ability adjust to diverse cultures. We hold your hand and sketch your career !

Health Addification Services

Learning Program designed to help healthcare professionals , nurses and paramedics and enhance their employability


Healthcare professional’s knowledge and confidence speak tons for them. Patients come to hospitals in their vulnerable times, they need to trust the hospital staff to depend on them. Healthcare professionals have immense opportunities to grow in their fields globally. But first and the foremost required skill are the people and communication skills. Care is an important aspect of healthcare service being offered to the patients. At Axia, we prepare nurses and paramedics to face these challenges with confidence and Knowledge and engage with the patients in positive manner.


Nursing/Paramedics is a broad and far reaching role. They provide about 90 percent of all health care services worldwide. As important as nurses/Paramedics are, many countries are experiencing a shortage. No matter what country nurses work in, at some point in their careers, they may be required to communicate in English. The reason is simple: The use of English in medical settings worldwide continues to grow. At Axia, we do English language training for life skills, to face interviews confidently, IELTS/OET.


Health care professionals who wish to work abroad need to qualify the IELTS/ OET for many countries. Both the examinations are necessary for a medical professional to qualify who wish to register and practice there. We, at Axia assist these professionals to prepare and clear the exams with desired results.


The problem faced by many healthcare professionals is that despite their excellent technical knowledge, they fail miserably in interviews only due to the lack of confidence and linguistic problems. At Axia, we hold hands of our candidates through coaching, learning and development programs to overcome these small inadequacies and to make them job worthy.


Nursing/Paramedics Leadership Talent is scarce in the country. At Axia, we try and identify the professionals with leadership qualities and conduct Nursing Leader Training/Mentoring Programs which enable them to be accountable team players and guide their staff to work effectively and eventually help their respective organizations to achieve higher goals. These programs help the individuals to take up the leadership roles with confidence and efficacy.



The speed at which technological advancements are taking place in the medical profession are really a thing to admire.


The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) Test of Competence Part 1 exam is a computer-based test (CBT) consisting of 120 Multiple Choice Questions for 4 hours. Pass percentage is 60 %. The decision as to whether a candidate passes or fails the CBT is governed by both critical questions and an overall pass mark.

The Adult Nursing test covers four main domains as described by the Nursing and Midwifery Council:

  • Professional values
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Nursing practice and decision making
  • Leadership management and team working.

At Axia, we help our nurses to prepare and excel in these technical tests.


Requirement for nursing and paramedics is increasing in both, domestic and international hospitals. At Axia , we assist in placements of healthcare professionals , physicians and support staff. Our Approach: We coach and mentor as per the requirements of the organizations, countries, Job profile expectations. Our candidates are ready to take up their jobs confidently from the day they join the organization. Enhancing the healthcare professionals’ skills and making them job worthy is the baseline and foundation to what we do at Axia.