Nurse Assist: Nurse Career Development Program (NCDP)

A Nurse Career Development Program (NCDP) by Axia-health services for Nurses to rise in their career and upgrade their profile. The purpose of the program is by enhancing their knowledge, skills and professional conduct. The various development programs with us advance your academic knowledge and practical skills and enable you to handpick global career opportunities.
AXIA in collaboration with leading Hospitals, Universities and colleges in UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand offers study programs for nurses seeking to improve and advance their skills and finally support their settling. You may choose from our range of specialized nursing programs and ace your skills in specializations best suitable for you. The Nurses considering the phase of their career and the nature of different up-gradation needs have been kept in 3 categories.

  1. CAT A : Fresh pass outs for recruitment in tertiary care private hospitals with hostel facilities. They will be exposed to Wards, ICU, ER, Labour Room and OT over a period of 2 years at Max Hospital (Saket), Apollo and CK Birla Hospitals in Delhi and planning for their career abroad.
  2. CAT B : Nurses with min 2 years’ of experience and wanting to work abroad i.e. UAE, UK, Ireland, USA.
  3. CAT C : Nurses who have cleared IELTS, OET and need a trustworthy partner to place them in a country of their choice.

Which Category do you belong?


Nurses who have received their Decision letters then we can make sure to book them on interviews straight away.

Various exclusive Study Programs under SCDP programs are as under:

  1. OET Training
  2. CBT
  3. OSCE
  4. Grooming & Soft Skills
  5. Communication skills enhancement with interview preparation.
  6. Aspiring work Country specific training

PROGRAM : International & National career planning of Nurses

PROCESS : Once the candidate has expresses interest and registered, they shall be aligned to the selection process.


  1. Nurses have to express her consent for the NCDP. [(Download the app (web/ app)]
  2. Fill the online registration form.
  3. Axia Team contacts the individual to understand the requirement and the present skill level.
  4. Accordingly she is given the pathway to choose the right set of NCDP options available basis the existing skill level and the aspiring/ targeted skill set needed with the time frame.
  5. On line/ Virtual/ Personnel classes as per the counselor recommendations.
  6. She has to go through the generic criteria for placements for that particular country and also, if nurse chooses a particular hospital then hospital specific also.

The following documents shall be required for processing:

The (CIF) Career Aspiration Form is to be filled by the candidate on WEBSITE/ though e-mail/ IN PHYSICAL FORM at Axia Office for registration

If you are a Nurse, having received the Decision letters then please click in the below box, we can make sure to book you for interviews straight away.

Vision of Nursing Career Assist Program

1. Work, learn and live in England as part of NHS

To Up-grade the skills of Nursing and make the Nurses’ cadre progress in their career to the desired level.

Through Axia-Nursing Assist program; We transform Registered Staff Nurses to International Nurses and ultimately to Global Nurses by enhancing their knowledge, skills and professional conduct.

2. Learn Your Nursing Career in UK:

A Standing Opportunity to Work at NHS Hospitals/ Australia/ Canada/ New Zealand

 At National Health Service (NHS), England, is now actively recruiting international nurses from India.

What is the National Health Service?

The National Health Service (NHS) is a government funded healthcare system and one of the largest employers, globally.

Why is the NHS recruiting international nurses?

Due to a shortage of nurses, services in NHS hospitals across England have been severely hampered. To equalize the demand and supply equilibrium, the NHS is recruiting international nurses to become a part of their healthcare workforce.

The remunerations at NHS shall be as below:

  • Flight reimbursement from the point of hire to UK up to £600
  • Part 1 NMC CBT (Computer Based Test) £130 covered
  • Trust will provide you with 6 weeks of free accommodation on site.
  • Cost of Certificate of Sponsorship covered
  • OSCE fees covered
  • Salary: prior to PIN £17,787 (INR: 1672061) per annum, after getting PIN £23,023 (INR: 2164270)

P.S: International Salaries are going to vary as per the country of service.

National Salaries shall be at par with the best corporate hospitals of Delhi, placement shall be in (Max/ Apollo/ CK Birla Hospitals in Delhi).

Services Provided: 

Dependent Visa/Visa Extension Assistance
Airport Transfers
Immigration Consulting and Advisory Facilitation
Job Placement Assistance
Pastoral Support